On this page you will find posters to download (PDF) and print yourself.

Calendars for 2024-2025

This poster shows a calendar for 2024/2025 (PDF). Here you will find the performance dates of Bach’s 40 chorale cantatas based on the church year in 2024-2025. Please print the poster preferably in A3 format.


  • The white areas (with Luther rose) are based on songs by Luther
  • The octagonal areas are cantatas with fixed calendar dates.
  • The rounded areas are cantatas with changing dates in the church year.

For the real enthusiasts there is another full version of this calendar (PDF) in which the 5 chorale cantatas have also been added, as smaller red orbs, which Bach later composed to fill the gaps in this collection. This addition also includes two songs by Luther, recognisable by the Luther rose.